Barren Island, the place where India’s only active volcano lies, is located 75 nautical miles (135 Kms) north-east of Port Blair, the administrative capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.
K. C Boden gave the first description of the island in 1902 in his book ‘Andaman and Nicobar’.
Having remained dormant for nearly a decade since the last eruption in 1994-95 this active volcano once again witnessed violent open vent eruption of ash and larger sizes fragments since 28th May 2005. It is the only historically active volcano along the N-S trending volcanic arc (Andaman Islands) extending between Sumatra and Myanmar (Burma)
The small 3-km-wide island contains a 1.6-km-wide crater partially filled by a cinder cone that has been the source of eruptions since the first was recorded in 1787. Lava flows reached the coast during several recent eruptions.

Looking for boost in Eco tourism the Andaman administration conducts Volcano sighting trips to waters near the island, every Tuesday and Friday. Tickets can be purchased the day before the sailing from Directorate of Shipping Services offices, Phoenix Bay, Port Blair. The lowest fare being RS 400 (9.0196 US$).

Though the name is Barren, the island is almost covered by lush green forest and is inhabited by large variety of life forms.
Among the fauna, the largest animal found in Barren Island is the feral goat.
‘Feral Goats’ have become a matter of great interest for the scientific community. What makes them significant is their adaptation to the harsh and inhospitable conditions and instinct for survival in this Island.
Some claim that they survive by drinking salt water and this led to their conclusion that feral goats could do a lot for cattle breeders in drought prone areas.

Some other claimed that feral goats chew a particular kind of leaves for quenching their thirst.
But ultimately it was realized that feral goats thrive on two fresh water springs in the southeastern part of the island.

Apart from the spectacular view the island offers of Volcano. The sunrise and the sunset are just amazing for the likes of nature lovers.