You might have never seen them. You might have never heard them speaking. And you might have never probably flipped through their books (probably not). But it is sure they are the guardian angels of Modern Linguistics from the later half of the 20th century world, we study and dwell upon today. They have inspired many a linguists and have set standards that sometimes seem unachievable. Nevertheless, they are the forerunners in their own respective fields. Here is an easy Guide to find them on the web.

The 10 guardian angels of Linguistics:

Noam Chomsky : Generative Linguist, Political thinker and Philosopher

Peter Ladefoged : Phonetician (late)

William Labov : Sociolinguist

Dell Hymes : Sociolinguist, Anthropologist and Folklorist

David Crystal :Applied linguist

Joseph Greenberg : Typologist (late)

Stephen C. Levinson :Pragmatist

Robin Lakoff : Sociolinguist and Pragmatist

R.M.W. Dixon : Field Linguist

Ray Jackendoff : Semanticist