Gta Language area. Google Maps image.

Gta’ ग्ता is an endangered Austro-Asiatic language (under Munda sub-family) spoken by Didayi people living in Odisha & Andhra Pradesh (India). Gta’ is spoken by around 3,000 people primarily in Malkangiri district as well as adjoining areas of Koraput district of Odisha .

Gta’ is known for its sesqui-syllabic phonology and vigesimal numeral system (i.e. numeral system is based on 20). Some other language using this numeral system are French (France), Dzongkha (of Bhutan), Ainu (of Japan), Santali (India) etc. Another language from Indian sub-continent which has this unique numeral system in Tamang (spoken in Nepal & India).

Tamang, a Himalayan language spoken in Nepal and North-eastern India, has a true vigesimal numeral system. In this system 20 acts as the base in counting (in the same way 10 acts as a base in decimal system of English, Mandarin or Hindi). Tamang’s 20 based counting system goes so far as 1000, which is expressed as kha:l-paca:s (“20 x 50”) , with the second element from Nepali.

Gta’ has four main varieties – hill variety named Bole-shong, plains variety named Jagrela shong, mixed variety named Deshihia bhasa; & Bole-jung. Living Tongues Institute has compiled a talking dictionary for Gta’ …