The first MDH shop in Delhi’s Karolbagh after Gulati family moved from Sialkot (Pakistan) to Delhi (India) in 1947. Source : WSJ

Full form of popular Indian spice brand MDH is “Mahashian Di Hatti”. Now this haṭṭī (= shop) of Punjabi and Hindi hāṭ हाट Bengali  হাট (= market) share the same source in Sanskrit हट्ट haṭṭa (= market, fair, a high place). Related is the Hindi Urdu अड्डा aḍḍā (= meeting place or a holding place). Common compound words with अड्डा are हवाई अड्डा (havāī aḍḍā = airport), बस अड्डा (bas aḍḍā = bus station), सैनिक अड्डा (sainik aḍḍā = military base) etc. अड्डा aḍḍā is also related to अट्टा aṭṭā (an upper room; attic) evident in Noida’s (Delhi’s suburb) famed “Atta Peer”  अट्टा पीर (probably the high seat of a Sufi saint). Not to forget peculiar Bengali institution of agendaless discussions “Adda”. And Bhojpuri Atariya अटरिया  too, which in turn is related to aṭārī अटारी (= an upper room or building on the roof of a house) and it has derived from Sanskrit  aṭṭālikā अट्टालिका (loft, tower). And most surprisingly, root “aḍḍ-” is also attested in Dravidian languages as market, nest, stopping place etc. But probably the word has it origin in an unknown non-Aryan & non-Dravidian language spoken in central / north India. Perhaps it was a Proto-Munda language.