Pleased to know that Bhojpuri Translation of Basava Vachanamrutha (poems composed by Lord Basaveshwara in Kannada) is recently published by Basava Samithi, Bengaluru. The multilingual translation project was steered under the leadership of late Dr. M.M. Kulburgi. The principal editor of the Bhojpuri version is Late Prof. dr. B.S. Tiwary.
Lord Basava was a 12th-century Indian philosopher, statesman, Kannada poet, and was the founding saint of the Lingayat-Shaivism sect of Hinduism in Karnataka. Basava staunchly believed in a caste-less society where each individual had equal opportunity to rise up in life.

In the Kannada speaking region of India, the Bhakti social movement was started by Basavanna  in the 12th century in a society ridden by caste hierarchy. This Bhakti movement produced a rich treasure of literature that came to be known as Vachana sahitya created by Basava and his disciples (Akkamahadevi, Allama Prabhu, Devara Dasimayya etc.). The poems of this stream of literature contained pithy aphorisms, and conveyed in unambiguous terms precise and astute observations on spiritual and social matters of life.

The Website of Basava Samithi from where you can order the book is here