नमक खाना (Namak Khana) means ‘eating salt’ in Hindi. This expression is used idiomatically in Hindi to mean ‘to be worthy of someone’s salt i.e. favors’.

I was wondering why I was full of praise for everything Pakistani lately in the classes and elsewhere, then I realized मैंने पाकिस्तान का नमक खाया है । [I have eaten the salt of Pakistan}
The Himalayan salt we are using at home lately though packaged & distributed by a Slovenian company, comes straight from Pakistan ! 
In south Asia, when a person eats another’s salt i.e. depends on another for his meals, he is bonded to the salt-giver through debt and loyalty. One who upholds this salt-forged bond is नमक हलाल namak halaal (faithful), one who betrays it is नमक हराम namak haram (traitor).


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