Been wondering about Life and how I find myself at different crossroads when I live it.  There are  times when one feels one is annihilated and is at the dead-end of a tunnel. But again one rises up like a new dawn and you see a bright light shining on to you . Fresh and young feeling. We all make plans and many of them go haywire and lost in the dirt of life. But many new plans and things and places come up and get realized, which we have not ever dreamed. I would call this destiny.

The destiny to touch that beautiful flower by the side of the Windmill. The destiny to see that black crow trying to dry itself in the early morning by the side of canal. The destiny to meet a man you have never met and help him feed bread crumbs to numerous pigeons under sunshine.  The Pub guys I had never known jostling with each other to play their favorite music for my ears. And the Grandmother who loves me like her own child and kisses me every time I meet her.

Looking at all of these I can surely say that there is someone GREAT doing these grand things for me. He is none but GOD. He loves us so much that he does wonderful things to make living in this miracle called Life. He makes us do many things and takes cares of us all the while. He loves us because we are his children.
I remember that day. There was an old man and wife and their infant grandson sitting in front on me. The grandmother was holding the baby in her arms, but the baby was crying. I could see the concern on their face all the while. And the when our plane was about to land, the Grandfather clutched the baby and her grandmother very tightly so that they may not hit the seat in front while landing. I was mesmerized by the kind of love and care that grandfather had for his child.
Similarly I feel that God – almighty has been loving us all the while. He is good all the time.

Today I had my 8th Judgment day. And it came and went like a feather in the wind. Thank you God for taking care of me and making sure that I am happy. Thank you Dr AA, Dr MSA and all his staff for their wonderful talk and care. Thank you Papa and Mummi for loving me so much like God loves me, you are part of God for me. Thank you Mrs Mary. You are one precious gift I have got from God. Thanks to loving sisters and brother, who still treat me like a school going boy. Thank you Brother Suresh for always standing by my side.  And Thank you my lifemate UMS for giving new hopes, dreams and a houseful of happiness in my life.

I love you all.
May Lord Ganesha bless you all with good life full of wellness, success and happier moments.

Live life in Moderation, you will enjoy it for long.

Eat healthy, love people around you, Love God, Love nature, Quit bad habits, Stay fit and above all believe in yourself.