Music is a gift of heaven to ears. It makes you slip away in timelessness, living away in the land of clouds and mist. It is not surprising that one holds on to that world for a long time. I do it often (though it does not make any sense most of the time). Living the unreal is joy unexplained. Wondering why this post’s is titled Moon’s peak and Black Coffee”? Drank some black coffee and got introduced to some wonderful music at this warm and cosy coffee-house named Moonspeak Cafe at Mcleodganj (Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh). It was a wintry morning of late December with no sight of the sun and frozen winds of the Himalaya country blowing outside. We had just arrived in Mcleodganj in the morning from Delhi and happened to be in that cafe for some late morning brunch and coffee. A young Tibetan guy (with Beatles styled long hairs) who was looking over the cafe, after serving us our coffees, started playing some wonderful music on the cafe’s music player. It made me look and persistently smile to my friend  (Undrushka) like a baby who has recently learnt to smile (and does not know what it actually means and reacts to everything either with a smile or a cry).Upon inquiry, I realized it’s from Noble Beast (I have never come across a Beast who is so sweet). Noble Beast is an album composed by Andrew Bird. But the song which went to the ears like a gush of cool winds on a hot summer day was Effigy. The song is wonderfully sung by Andrew Bird and the words flow like a lucid narrative from his mouth. He sings like we all will say an internal conversation to ourselves naturally. Beautiful lyrics and wonderful music. Thanks to the unnamed hosts at Moonspeak cafe, Mcleodganj. Each time  we visited that place, they obliged me by playing it again….. Here are the lyrics…………Enjoy

If you come to find me affable

And build a replica for me

Would the idea to you be laughable

Of a pale facsimile
So when you come to burn an effigy

It should keep the flies away

When you learn to burn this effigy

It should be For the hours that slip away
It could be you, it could be me

Working the door, drinking for free

Carrying on with your conspiracies

Filling the room with a sense of unease

Fake conversations on a nonexistent telephone

Like the words of a man who’s spent a little too much time alone

When one has spent too much time alone…
So if you come to burn my effigy

It should keep the flies away

When you long to burn an effigy

it should be Of a man whose lost his way, slips away

Listen to the Music here