Life is a gift of God!
Life is wonderful and all the people who live in it, make it more beautiful and livable. There is no better intoxication than the life itself. We never realize the importance of anything till It starts drifting away. We all feel the same about life too, when its starts sinking away.

Then we realize how good it is. How beautiful is to wake up one lazy morning with your loved ones. Smile softly and blink with misty eyes. Make some Green tea or coffee and talk tit-bits between the sips. May be some biscuits or some left over Walnut cake from the last night will make it more interesting. Get up and go for a walk together on the small hills nearby. On the way slowly climbing the high rising stairs. Stopping a bit for taking a gush of air and smiling at each other.With red ears…say it loud, OH we did climb it….:-) Later taking big strides on the small  sparsely crowded road and thinking of which vegetables to buy. Looking at other people doing their chores. Basking in the sun. Making some small talk over surroundings. Staring at the distant mountains and while coming back buying banana cup cakes. Climbing down to home and making  some nice healthy breakfast of Brown bread Egg-cucumber sandwich with some cheese. ‘Dark honey laced non-milk Tea’ to give the company. Sitting lazily in the courtyard under the winter sun. Mules walking in a single row far away. Somewhere near a small stream is flowing away past the tall pine trees. Two Mongoose playing hide and seek with us while nibbling at the bread thrown for them.Thinking that life is indeed GOOD.This nonetheless looks trivial but believe me, we will all realize that this is a royalty which you would never want to lose. This is an eternal truth that:

We all will grow old one day, and we will not be able to DO even simpler things, what we can do now without much pain.

But God gives us a superb chance to live it out once. 

God blesses us with  his/her wonderful gift called LIFE and a wonderful bio-machine called body. All this is made possible by a good and healthy body.
Wondering, why I have become such a big fan of life?
Here is the secret………….. I have realized that there is nothing more precious than Life and is incomparable to any other worldly thing. Life is great with a healthy body and mind.

Today (19/11/2011), I received another great message from the Almighty to celebrate the best things he has given to us.  I am lucky and happy that my 7th judgment Day came and went like super blessing by GOD. God really you are GOOD ALL THE TIME. I pray and wish all who are facing judgment days in their lives (like my Uncle…he is a great survivor, Steve…Guy who made me cope with it, and all out there fighting back with vigor)…May God bless them with life and we will bask in his/her glory. May Lord Ganesha showers them all with his love and care like he does to me.
Thanking people who love you, is like giving pennies when you should be giving the diamonds. But nevertheless. I would like to thank in manifolds to Dear GOD for all his care for me, papa-mummi for their love and impeccable devotion to GOD, Dr MSA, Dr AA, Dr Verma for their super extraordinary skills and concern, Mrs Mary for keeping me in her mind and prayers, Suresh & Girdhar for standing by my side, KL for concern, Aps for still calling and believing my old talk, RVS for ignoring , KKK for absolute faith in me and your vegetarianism  and last but not the least ‘YOU’. You are the fuel which keeps the flame of my life burning.

Thank you all!……Love you all!

Good  advice:

Drink Plenty of water

Try to Be a Vegetarian as much as possible

Drink plenty of Tulsi-Green Tea

Cut on  Sugar and take Honey instead

Eat Colorful fruits and vegetables (more colors are more better)

Avoid fatty food  and junk food

Do some yoga or any other exercise everyday

Eat food prepared by someone who loves you or make it yourself…:-)