Andaman Sea
Andaman Sea

Do you remember I wrote you this song ‘All these things that I’ve done’ by ‘The Killers’ from Andamans? Some portions again, not the full song……

When there is no else to run,

Is there one more room son,

If you can! Hold on!

Yeah! yeah! You gottaa help me out

I got soul but I’m not a soldier.

This may sound like insanely and psychotically emotional to many of us but it happens to all of us when we want the other person to hold on. I don’t know what shit I’m writing and whether you care reading it. But this song is not a joke to me and of course it doesn’t mean shit to me. Sometimes I miss Andamans a lot especially when I am tired and sick of this boring and monotonous life. Andamans with its seas enveloping you like two big arms around you makes you feel safe and secure. I know I might sound stupid but seas are like mothers who cover you from all sides. People living on Andaman Islands might not like the idea, but I tell you that if ever allowed to settle down I would certainly prefer Andamans where everyday you can feel the sound of the sea touching your ears softly. Andamans is place where everybody speaks in 2nd languages i.e. Hindi/English. Where you can rejoice Bengal’s Macher Jhol [fish cooked in hot gravy of mustard sauce] with the same eloquence as that of the sumptuous spread of South Indian delicacies on Banana leaf with crisp helpings of appam [a papad like fried entity made from rice]. Where the rains break your button operated fragile lovely looking umbrellas into pieces and you come to know of the importance of the age old Dadajee type big umbrellas which can protect you even if it’s raining cats like tigers and dogs like St. Bernards……Unfinished bussiness

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Cellular Jail, Andaman