The Knowledge hungry! 

Why do we need to know so much? Why we are hungry to know what’s cooking in the kitchen next door? Nobody on earth will underestimate the virtue of knowing it all. But the question is why do we do it? The answer lies in human beings insatiable lust for knowledge of all kinds which precedes their other insatiable hunger ‘sex’.

We meet an old friend after a long time, and the first things which zip through our mind, is where was he all these days?,what does he do for living? etc.We go to the market and find a crowd gathered around something. We instantly leap towards the crowd and become a volunteer in the pursuit of knowledge. Others, who have something else in mind, just ask a passerby about what is happening. If not satisfied, we will try another potential Mr. know all.

The tendency or good old habit of playing the role of Sherlock Holmes for all and sundry things which happen all around us, seems to be genetically encoded in us like the gene of baldness. Why the dog next door never barks at passing by Mrs.WXY but barks at you? is a intriguing question which can take permanent seat in our mind if left unresolved.We all want to know everything happening around us- from the bed sheets to game theory. But you will also find people showing colors of least interest in knowing at all. Don’t get duped, these are the people who are wise enough to save their precious energy in other quality pursuits of knowledge. They are like parasites which also need to know all but rather than doing their own IQ enquiry, depend on other gullible sources of knowledge. But it is also to be understood that, IQ dispensing is also a very savoring experience for the people all around. The more you tell, the more you want to tell.

Meet a stranger looking for directions, give him a blank look or tell him about your inability to help him/her. Bingo, you got 100 curses etched in his/her mind like stone engraving of Ashoka age. Haven’t you met a foreigner asking why bovine creatures are masquendering over the road dividers?  And I Know you had a hard time explaining him/her the reasons and benefits. But question is why does he/she want to know and also why do we find ourselves hard pressed to answer, though we can just show our indifference. 

Knowledge is a necessary evil, if you don’t have it you cannot live, but if you have it- you going to puke it as soon as it gets.Adding knowledge to the imbibed knowledge is also something we relish a lot. Heard an incident and its causes, we instantly apply all available knowledge filters, which drains out some info and add new ingredients. Some people are really very good at this art of cooking potpourri of imported knowledge. And the common mass savors this delicious apple pie.

We come across many exponents of this pursuit of knowledge in the form of university intellectuals to road side vendors. They might display their wares as different and genuine but ultimately it will lead to the same art of knowledge gathering.From hunters and gathers to urban humans, we love to know and brag a lot about it. Because this is what we are as far as we humans are concerned.

I hope an age will come when all will find access to this instant IQ easily available and accessible. And for that we need not depend on our primitive tools like eavesdropping.

Confessions continued!