Father’s Day special

Hornbills (Bucerotidae) are amazing birds found in Indian subcontinent, subtropical Africa etc.

In Sanskrit texts they are known by names such as priyātmaja प्रियात्मज, matr̥unindaka मातृनिंदक etc. because they exhibit a unique nidification pattern, where female hornbill seals herself into a selected nest cavity on a tree for upto 40 days, leaving only a narrow slit through which the male Hornbill regularly passes her chunks of food until the nesting period is completed, & chicks can come out of the nest.

The name matr̥nindaka मातृनिंदक (one who puts mother to shame) from the more than maternal care taken by the male bird not only of the young but of the mother also; priyātmaja प्रियात्मज (one who loves their offsprings) from parental care taken by male hornbill.

Hornbill is also known as dhanesh धनेश as it protects the wealth of farmers I.e. crops by feeding on crop pests like rats, ants, and locusts.