Nagamese is a creole spoken as a lingua franca in the state of Nagaland in the north-eastern part of India. Syntactic structure of Nagamese is based mainly on an Indo-Aryan language ‘Assamese’ and its lexicon is made up of words from Assamese, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Nepali, English & various Tibeto-Burman Naga languages like Angami, Sema, Aao, Lotha, Konyak, Zeliang, Phom, Rengma, Sangtam etc.

This creole has no official recognition even though it is frequently used in the legislative assembly of Nagaland and by government servants. A major move towards state recognition was initiated recently by prime ministers of India Narendra Modi. In November 2014, PM Modi’s monthly national broadcast ‘Mann ki Baat’  on radio to Indian citizens included a Nagamese version also. This was unprecedented, as it was the first time that Nagamese was officially recognized on national platform by no less than the prime minister of India himself. From then, every month the nationwide Radio broadcast of Mann ki Baat is also conducted in Nagamese too. 

Mann ki Baat (English- Heart’s talk) is a monthly radio programme in which Indian prime minister Narendra Modi addresses Indian citizens on various issues pertaining to nation. The radio programme is simultaneously broadcast in over 22 languages including Hindi, English & Nagamese.

You can listen to the Podcasts here


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