After the positive changes in my life style with all the early morning rises, nutritious food, yoga and worship, I was feeling rejuvenated like I do in mornings now, and then I got a message from Mrs Mary who lives in Shillong (Meghalaya) and a good friend asking me to switch on my TV and watch any News Channel. I switched on the TV and found out the reason. Michael Jackson, the king of Pop was no more. Times Now Channel was showing ‘Black or White’ which I first watched on Doordarshan when I was in schools. I felt sad about him because I belonged to the Break Dance Generation (I was in still schools) and he ruled over our hearts. In fact he was the only icon of Western pop who was hugely popular in Hindi heartland. Jackson was on decline, and may have been haunted by the controversies but he was a Great musician and a marvelous dancer to watch and listen. Michael may not be physically present with us but his music will live for ages in our hearts.

Rest in Peace Michael !