We live in the world of seamless insecurities where life is not a very precious commodity. Though we all believe sincerely in our religions (whether we are Hindu, Christians, Muslims or practice any other form of belief), but we have forgotten the pristine values of life, love and humanity. We fight among ourselves on anything related to our human existence viz language, culture or community. When the Hindu lunatics burned people in Gujarat in 2002, not many of us were shedding tears for the deceased. Then when a terrible earthquake struck Gujarat in which scores of people died, I heard a rickshaw puller in old Delhi saying it was God’s punishment for the carnage happened before.

Some kill for money and some kill in the name of religion, caste, tribe, community or language. In North East of India people are killed for some different reasons too. When the Manipuri insurgents or criminal elements (locally called underground) kill some innocent and poor Hindi speaking people, they have two fold reasons in their minds. Firstly, for creating a sense of fear among the migrant community and people living outside the state. And secondly to create a niche for themselves in the eyes of other such groups and local people. This helps them evolve a false situation of disturbance which in turn tends to fuel insecurity among all and sundry resulting in more extortion. What is surprising is the despite all the calls for stopping the violence, violence is still perpetuating in some parts of North-East India .

In Nagaland’s economic capital Dimapur, when somebody is shot dead in a crowded market, no body runs after the killers to nab them. Everybody pretends as if nothing has happened. Police never investigates the case.Thanks to Indian government stage managed ceasefire, even the security forces stationed there, turn a blind eye to the killings. The parallel federal government of Nagaland (FGN) established by the Naga freedom fighters, has also not evolved any criminal justice system like the Indian Maoist where they hold people’s court and then arrive at any conclusion. It seems that the FGN does not believe in any of the legal systems evolved so far in the world. Their declared ideology of Liberation Theology has not stopped them in indulging in barbaric acts of violence on the streets and shops. When the Indian security forces in 1955-56 burned 645 Naga villages out of the existing 861 villages in Nagaland, the genocide was as atrocious as the guerilla violence perpetuated by the both the underground and the overground elements today.This continued cycle of violence has resulted in ghettoization of the populace even in growing modern cities like Dimapur and Kohima where one can easily identify specific tribe dominated areas. Even after many years this mistrust and misunderstanding among the Nagas, despite sharing the same God, has not withered away. In moments of crisis, these inter-tribal differences become more prominent leading to migration and abandonment of entire localities. The church despite all its sincere efforts has not been able to quell this miserable situation. Recent spurt in fratricidal killings in Nagaland is sure sign of this failure. Nagas are not killing the enemy they are supposedly fighting but their own neighbors and brothers. There is no doubt that in the root of the problem is the insatiable hunger of money and power.The fight among the various factions (NSCN-IM, NSCN-K, GPRN-Unification and others) for a total control over the pie of taxed money and unquestionable dominance over the society, has given rise to lagging growth of Nagaland in all sectors. Nagas of all corners have to realize that when the rest of India is growing at the rate of 9 %, Nagaland is busy making coffins for their own people. They are killing in the name of nobody. Violence can never bring prosperity to any nation or people. Of course India’s democracy is flawed but violence is no answer to it. We all can live with love and peace together. World is a beautiful place.

Post title* courtesy RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.