Seether plays a style of heavy metal mostly associated with the post-grunge era of alternative music, complete with self-obsessed lyrics and a sound that mixes crunchy distortion with brooding texture. Hailing from
South Africa, the group was discovered by Wind Up Records and instantly pushed to the moon by the label. They landed a spot on the popular Ozzfest tour and managed to release an EP while biding their time for the unveiling of their full-length debut in the summer of 2002. Issued that August, Disclaimer was an immediate hit, boasting a solid single in “Fine Again.” Seether spent much of the following year on the road, where singer Shaun Morgan’s relationship with Evanescence siren Amy Lee blossomed. But while the tour time ensured top-of-mind status for Seether, it also delayed their return to the studio.
Their proper sophomore effort, Karma and Effect, was released in May 2005 and hit the Top Ten. One Cold Night followed in 2006.

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