Over the past few years, whenever the new year looms large, a bagful of anxiety envelops me and a wave of uncertainty starts running down in my thoughts like the tides of an ocean coming back and forth. Likewise the dawn of  2014 also brought a lot of anticipation and uncertainties in my mind. But I have come to realize that when we start believing people around us, then everything ends well. The bond of love is so strong that nothing in the world can shake you up. There is no use of having any bad feelings towards anybody and especially for your loved ones and family. Everybody is here in this world for a few days, and we should try to spend this time with lots of love and care for others without petty complains.

This time I met my family with an open heart, and as it was expected the happiness quotient increased manifold for everybody. Instead of the ‘the art of living’ I realized it is better to learn about ‘the art of giving’. It is the ‘act of giving’ which gives us happiness and lots of goodwill. This ‘art of giving’ I have learnt from my dear father and late mother who gave us so much of love and blessings that for eternity we can stand up in front of any obstacle we may face in life with guts and optimism. We have to start believing first in ourselves and then have faith in all the people around us. This will make our life much easier and happier. Being optimistic is the best way to face any challenge. And above all keep your unflinching faith in the Almighty. I don’t  know whether bad Karma has any effect or not I do know that good Karma never leaves you when you are in dire need of blessings. And long after when we are gone forever this good Karma continues helping our children in their life (my life is full of its example, thanks to Mummi and Papa). God is good all the time.  

The new year brought me my 10th Judgement Day and thanks to the blessings of my late mother with her unflinching faith in God, the day went very smooth and ended in a big smile for everyone. Thanks to the expertise of DMSA and his staff, the whole ordeal was a success. Thank you very much DMSA. Sometimes I think the persona of God on earth is evident in only one person on earth and who is none other than father. There is no doubt that one who creates us always takes care of us. Thank you papa ! I should also not forget the unparalleled support of brother Suresh, brother Mundya Ram ji, brother Anil ji and his family  who made my stay in the city of Taj very homely and comfortable. Thank you is a small word for my big brother, my sisters who not only love me as the youngest of the family but also accept me the way I am. Thank you very much Mrs Mary (Shilong) for always keeping me in your prayers and attending my erratic calls. And how can I forget to mention Undrush who is my lifemate (jivansangini). It is she who stood by me in all thick and thins while taking care of me all these times. And last but not the least the unadulterated love of my 10 months cutie-pie daughter Ilika whose love for me is like a bright star which shines the paths of our life in a very innocent way. I love you all ! God bless you !

Again few lines to close this thanking note :

1. Always have faith in God. God is good all the time.

2. Learn the art of Giving, rather than accumulating. Giving gives immense pleasure. Start from giving something to your parents like a small visit.

3. Enjoy small pleasures in life, rather than waiting for big splashes of happiness.

4. Eat / drink healthy food cooked by yourself or someone who loves you.

5. Drink lots of Green Tea or any tea

6 Walk / jog regularly